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  The School

Muleba Secondary School, situated in North-West of Tanzania, is a boarding, multicultural, multinational and co-educational in setup, enrolling students from the region and beyond. The school is about 4 kilometers from Muleba town, along Bukoba-Mwanza road in Muleba district, Kagera region, with an area of 50 acres of land nearby beautiful shores of Lake Victoria. The shool is non-governmental under the directorship of Board of Directors.

Our ultimate objective in establishing the institution is to develop and train competent youth and provide them with skills and all aspects of mental, physical and spiritual well being necessary to face the challenges of the 21st century.

  Facilities and Activities    

We pride ourselves with modern and comfortable learning environment provided by our infrastructure. Our students have plenty of space to study and play.





These include sporting activities such as soccer, netball, table tennis, athletics, rugby, cricket and boxing.

All of these activities prepare the students to be both mentally and physically fit.


  Social Groups & Clubs

These groups include environment conservation clubs, language clubs that organize debates, quizes and essay writing competitions. The school has set a tradition of organizing study tours to variety of places such as historical sites, national parks etc.


The Vision of the School

The school will be the leading academic institution in the region and beyond.



Mission statement

The school will strive to provide quality education and skills for the world of work.







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